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Image by Christin Hume


Tradition, Relaxation or Therapeutic

Treat yourself today! You will be in safe hands with our highly trained and friendly therapists whose experience and expertise will leave your body feeling relaxed and refreshed. Extremely Professional and Hygienic Clinic. Located in a concept store pick the moment that suits your mood, morning for a calm and relaxed vibe, or a more rock and roll dynamic vibe in the afternoon.

Massage approximately  40 min-1h

Found a massage that suit you

- Lymphatic drainage $100 / per area

- Anti cellulite massage $100 full body

- Facial massage  Anti wrinkless + Red light therapy  $110 

- Bali Compress massage $220 for woman only

- Lomi Lomi Hawaiien massage $120 for woman only

- Magnesium Wrap + Friction Massage $140 

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