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Stetch mark removal inkless

Get Your Body Back With Inkless Stretch Mark Removal!

  • 1 h
  • 450 Australian dollars
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Service Description

Inkless stretch mark treatments are far more effective than microneedling treatments because they target the part of the skin where stretch marks form very precisely, and at the same time, specially-designed serums and formulas are introduced into the skin for an even greater effect. Can this work on all skin tones? What about tanned clients? Yes, this procedure will work for all skin tones with certain precautions recommended for high fitzpatrick scale clients. If you are tanned it's no problem as we are not color matching! Can this work on deep stretch marks? Yes it can really help revise both tone and texture - remember there will be cases where perfection isn't possible but the treatment will make improvements. WILL MY RESULTS BE PERMANENT? Yes. Your results will be permanent. Initial healing takes about 4 weeks with full results showing up to a year. DOES INKLESS STRETCH MARK REVISION WORK ON OLD STRETCH MARKS? Absolutely! It doesn't matter how long you've had them or how many people have told you you'd be stuck with them forever. Depending on the depth of your stretch marks, you may require several treatments. However, typical results are a 20-100% improvement with one treatment. DOES IT HURT? It all depends on your pain tolerance but most of my clients say it doesn't hurt at all. No numbing cream is used during the procedure so it's pretty safe to say it's painless. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INKLESS AND CAMOUFLAGE? Stretch mark camouflage tries to match ink to your skin tone to blend the stretch marks. The problem with this is the ink may change color over time and also your skin tone may change with light exposure. With inkless, there is no color and the serum that is placed into the dermis will help your body do what it does naturally. Your skin will produce its own natural tanning properties again and your skin tone will blend seamlessly on its own. For deep old stretch marks, we recommend 3-4 sessions 3 weeks apart. 1 session full stretch marks (up to 6 areas) = $450 3 sessions full Stech marks (up to 6 areas) = $1100

Contact Details

  • shop 4/145 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000, Australia


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